Sanctions are and act of war and act of hate & immorality…

Don’t believe that we sanction the diddlysquat out of the world? Just accept first that the links given are governmental website the information comes from….The rest is easy to digest…

Active Sanctions Programs: last updated date of sanction…
Balkans-Related Sanctions – ​02/03/2017
​Belarus Sanctions – ​10/24/2017
​Burundi Sanctions – ​06/02/2016
​Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act of 2017 (CAATSA) – 11/28/2017​​
​Central African Republic Sanctions – ​12/13/2017
​Counter Narcotics Trafficking Sanctions – 11/29/2017
​Counter Terrorism Sanctions – 12/05/2017
​Cuba Sanctions – ​11/08/2017
​Cyber-related Sanctions – ​09/14/2017
​Democratic Republic of the Congo-Related Sanctions – ​06/01/2017
​Iran Sanctions – ​11/17/2017
​Iraq-Related Sanctions – ​04/04/2016
​Lebanon-Related Sanctions – ​07/30/2010
​Libya Sanctions – ​04/13/2017
Magnitsky Sanctions – ​01/09/2017
​Non-Proliferation Sanctions – ​10/31/2017
​North Korea Sanctions – ​11/21/2017
​Rough Diamond Trade Controls – ​05/21/2008
​Somalia Sanctions – ​07/05/2012
​Sudan and Darfur Sanctions – ​10/12/2017
​South Sudan-related Sanctions – ​09/06/2017
​Syria Sanctions – ​06/21/2017
​Transnational Criminal Organizations – ​10/26/2017
​Ukraine-/Russia-Related Sanctions – ​11/28/2017
​Venezuela-Related Sanctions – ​11/09/2017
​Yemen-Related Sanctions – ​04/14/2015
​Zimbabwe Sanctions – ​04/12/2017

Yes and this is not all…

Some more information…

Here is a couple that I found that recently were not renewed…

Burma (Myanmar) Sanctions – 10/07/2016​
​Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)-Related Sanctions – 09/14/2016​

This is not a full list to be sure. Many countries are sanctioned under a cover title, such as “Cyber-related Sanctions” and or “Counter Terrorism Sanctions” a buy one get 10 free sanction listing… many sanctions are hidden from the world to see…

China is inside this mess of sanctions, as well as half the world and even some so called allies to America. The USA is a sanction fool…

Sanction definition that fits best:
A threatened penalty for disobeying a law or rule. “a range of sanctions aimed at deterring insider abuse”
synonyms: penalty, punishment, deterrent; punitive action, discipline, penalization, correction, retribution;
embargo, ban, prohibition, boycott, barrier, restriction, tariff
“codes of practice should be accompanied by sanctions for offenders”

My first question is: Who laws are disobeyed and who made them god?

A good point is that in a world as versatile and huge as ours, one size fits all does not cover the situation and one sets of rules, does not fit another countries needs…

For first off:

Sanctions are a crime against the people of a country and act of war against that country. What is done to even one person in that country is against all in that country…. Fact Jack!

Now we are going to openly attack China… (Again!)

To understand what is happening?

It looks like from my point of view, we have officially put China and Russia as teamed aggressors against the USA…

I am using all western links in this article. Since that is all many of you seem to accept as facts. Take it with a grain of salt, but the fact that the western press is even acknowledging all this is a fact to worry…

While I think Trump sucks as bad as Obama and I think Hillary was the “son of the morning’s” right hand man/woman, the fact remains and is visible, if Obama and or Hillary was doing what Trump is doing, we would all be silent. They did what Trump is doing and the loose lips are flapping in the wind. Where was all this lip flapping, hate mongering and demon exorcism when Obama was messing things up left and right?

If nothing else, electing Trump has shown the true face of the USA and it is not a pretty face…

I keep looking around and wonder, have we as humans lost touch with reality?

Enough of all the above. It will not change until we collapse and who knows?

But my final thought:

It seems that in this world that we have good people, good laws, good everything’s scattered everywhere. But, more important than some scattered good here and there? Everything and everyone seems to have a price. And the bottom line is; 99% of us have a price and we will sell our souls…

Very few exceptions…


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