Tracking Edward Snowden: Chartered Russian Jet lands in Reykjavík, Iceland…

REYKJAVIK, Iceland – Yesterday evening June 26th, at approximately 3:00am Iceland time, an in-bound Russian Sukhoi Super Jet 100-95 chartered flight landed at Keflavik International Airport, after being held in a holding pattern for approximately 45 minutes while circling the airport.

Maybe it was just a “wind test”? We contacted local Iceland media who are claiming that aviation authorities are saying it was some sort of a test.

Or was this a privately chartered jet carrying a controversial and unannounced cargo, and waiting for clearance to land?

Interesting, so let’s take a look…

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Kyle Keeton

Truth is treason in the empire of lies…


And now the media says Snowden has given up on his request for asylum with Russia. I’d say something quite different.

The full weight of US fedgov diplomatic pressure is upon him like no other. I don’t envy his position as a tiny little pawn.

And I find it difficult to believe his own father said he would rather see him in prison for life on US soil than in another country. ((( Not feeling any respect for his father.

Kyle Keeton

It is all a chess game and I agree about his dad. They must have a gun against his head and death will become known, if he does not comply with the propaganda… I would take the Russian asylum and I would shut my mouth for Russia and China and many others all ready have the information. Putin played a chess move and we are seeing the results of what may be a path to the truth. We really do not know where Snowden is. We really do not and no one has officially seen him in Russia. The airport… Read more »


Ya nie znayu. If he were my son I would rather not know where he is or was at any given time.Just to know that he is safe is enough.