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Ukraine, E.U. and that Gas (Gaz) issue… :)

U.S. citizens have no desire or interest in supporting a neo-Nazi coup government in the Ukraine, and yet the U.S. government not only supports it, but even initiated it. Similarly, citizens of the E.U. have no desire or interest in losing relatively inexpensive Russian gas, but the E.U. governments have endangered that supply by supporting the coup in the Ukraine, and even by halting construction of an alternative pipeline. As such, we are no longer representative democracies, and we the people are paying for that. I say turn off the gas! Maybe the coup will run out of gas…

Time to turn it off and send the gas to the east, where they will appreciate it and pay for it…


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  1. Marion June 15, 2014

    Agree. Let Russia be Russia – the Bear! They are just playing for time but bear baiting can be time consuming – they may run out of gas, money, and that all important element TIME, before they get their ducks in a row. I pray that’s the case. I hate war…and the thought of neutron bombs flying over our heads here in the US infuriates me. There is no need for any of this…

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