Volga Gaz 310221 in Russia!

For the readers who are interested in Russian Cars (especially Volga‘s), for those that have followed the events from months ago when our Volga 2410 was stolen and destroyed: This article is for you then…

This is Sammy as we call her. She finally made it home after a long Saturday trying to get all the paperwork under control. We succeeded and late Saturday we got her home. It was a beautiful day today and I decided to take some pictures of her and show you that we got her and she looks as good as the pictures in the sales ad.

You can also see that we have a guard cat that is sleeping on the job. 🙂 A white cat is good luck and we need all that we can get. Lets look at a couple of pictures…

1999 Volga Gaz 310221 – Sammy or Sam for short!
Our guard cat – I think he is fired!
Backside view…

What makes this Volga special is that it runs on two different fuels. It is set up to drive on Propane or Petrol. I can not hardly tell the difference between the two fuels performance wise. So I run on propane all the time. Right now propane runs 10 rubles a liter. Petrol (gasoline) runs 22 rubles a liter. The car on propane gets 10 km per liter and on petrol it gets 11 km per liter. So do the math and you will see that driving propane is a huge savings. Russia also has propane stations everywhere and we saw them in Ukraine and Moldova as we traveled also.

The car has to be started in the morning on gasoline so that you can get the car warmed up a little bit then after a few minutes you can switch to propane. After that, it starts perfect on propane as long as you have not let it sit too long. You also can switch from propane to gasoline instantly, but to switch from gasoline to propane you have to allow the gasoline to run out of the carburetor then switch to propane.

The propane conversion was done by the man we bought the car from and the only reason he got rid of the car was due to he needs a van. The van is being painted the same color as the car, as you read this. He has outgrown the station wagon and needs more room for the family. He has a huge family for Russians. His third kid is due anytime.

Now we just have to go this week and get the new car tags for Sammy…

Windows to Russia!
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