Western Press Got Caught Lying About Russia: Again and Again and Again!

Breaking News:

The Western Press has changed their story and some have even pulled the original article about Obama’s hand delivered letter to Medvedev in Russia. (Link to Article!)

Obama raised the possibility in a letter to Russia seeking help in trying to end Iran’s nuclear program, a senior administration official said. Contrary to news reports, it was not a secret letter, the official said. “The notion of a secret letter,” he said, “is irritating. … It suggests a secret deal between Russia and the U.S.” which, he said, is not the case. Also no threats of any form were involved!

Lying western Press caused me to be upset and get my blood pressure all elevated. 🙂

I was correct though in my reaction and seems allot of others were also upset with the reporting by the mainstream media.

Something has got to change with the media problems in America.

Kyle & Svet

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