Russia: No Trade Offs For Iran – Period!

Hello,Windows to Russia!

I was drinking my cup of coffee and doing some thinking, Lets continue today on this missile issue.

Medvedev came out yesterday and said what I expected him to say. Russia will not sell out Iran over the missile defense issue. The Western press stirred up a hornets nest and relations in Russian eyes went down a couple of notches. Even the fact that Obama tried to do repair news articles did not erase the bad taste left by the original articles about “Put up or Shut up!” This quote was all over the news agency and even made it into many news based talk shows. (Link) (Link)

Now at this moment the missile issue is forefront again and follows Medvedev everywhere he goes all over the world. Medvedev made it clear that Russia will not sell out Iran! Russia has a very good relationship with Iran that the West does not understand. The West cries – Evil Iran, Evil Russia, Evil China, Evil, Evil and more Evil. While the East just shakes their heads and looks at the USA as a falling monolith…

Kyle & Svet

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