Russia: Beauty and the Beast – A Night Out In Moscow!

Windows to Russia!
I am drinking my morning cup of coffee and thinking about the play that Svetlana and I saw last night in downtown Moscow, Russia. It was a play for the employees of the Gazprom Bank. Ever year Gazprom Bank has a special event for International Womens Day that falls on the 8th of March. One year we went and saw “Mama Mia” and this year we saw “Beauty and the Beast”!

It was a fantastic musical of a play that enlightened the heart and soul! “Beauty and the Beast.” Took place in the Moscow Palace of Youth. In Russia, the musical is presented by Stage Entertainment and Disney. This is the first stage production by Disney in Russia and they have done a fantastic job. The place was packed with no more than a couple of empty seats.

We had appetizers before the show with desserts at intermission. The champagne was flowing non stop and for non drinkers like Svet and I they had lots of fruit juice.

It was a true to character play that as Svet said: “It was a fairy tale of huge proportions!”

That it was: For a few hours the world cease to exist, as a land of strange characters filled the stage to whisk you away to forget about the world and her problems.

Thanks Gazprom!

Kyle & Svet

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