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What does a bottle of Vodka buy?

Yesterday, a bulldozer came up our hill. The operator circled around the bell tower area and I thought he was going to fix our roads. I heard him shift the tractor into high and he started to take off down the hill. He was leaving and I hollered and ran after him. He saw me and stopped and I negotiated a deal to fix our road…

One bottle of vodka for widening and smoothing the road. No more than two or three passes extra and the vodka would be his. The vodka cost me 200 rubles at the Magnet Market and I keep it for emergencies. Such as getting the road fixed and other things, it is interesting to use vodka as money. In America we use to use moonshine, here it is nothing but vodka…

200 rubles is $3 American. It was worth it to get the road fixed. Our road had huge car eating ruts from all the rains. Yes it was worth it and to pay money would have been 1000 rubles. But to pay with vodka, out in the middle of nowhere, vodka is priceless in some peoples eyes…

I have a saying I made up, “A bottle in hand, worth five in the store!”


PS: By the way this is the bulldozer that the engine blew up in during the winter! All good now!

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