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While Russia and America Talk Adoption: Another Child Dies…

With The third round of adoption talks between America and Russia going on right now. (Link) An interesting twist has entered the equation.

On June 10, 2010 another adopted child from Russia (Jackson David Attuso, Russian surname Kazantsev) in America ends in a very tragic way. (Link) This young boy it seems was riding his bike in a park with friends and his mother. While he was out of site for a moment it seems that he was abducted and murdered.

The victim was stabbed repeatedly in the back and front of his body and had his throat cut, West Feliciana Parish Sheriff J. Austin Daniel said Thursday.

It also seems that he had still clutched in his lifeless fingers the hair of his attacker and with all the slash marks on his arms makes it understood that he fought for his life…

Of course American news is few and far between on this happening and the mentioning of the fact that he was adopted from Russia has been left out of American news.

But with all the hoopla in Russia about this subject and the talks going on right now over the lifting of the adoption ban by Russia. It seems ironic timing that this happens and stirs the pot a little more about adopted Russian children in America…

Windows to Russia!

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