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Windows to Russia E-mail Time: Afghanistan Why?

Interesting e-mail was sent to me and I will answer it right here in the website:

Dear Kyle and Sveta,

I wondered why, being that news is usually different on your side of the world as in conjunction with my news on this side of the world. My side is the US! My question/statement is or are?

We are over in their (Afghanistan) country to save them! We have shed our blood in their behalf to make their life better! Why would they turn on our men and kill them after all we have done? Aren’t (Afghanistan) they supposed to be our allies? We try to bring them freedom, liberty and rights! Why are they against us?

Mary ********


Well Mary this is very simple. First, we are not and have never been in Afghanistan to save the Afghans. Second, the blood we shed has destroyed their lives as well as ours. Third, What exactly have we done? With the exception of destroying their country and that could be a good really reason to hate us. Fourth, they were and have never been our allies. Except maybe in the minds of a few sick people like McCain and of course the media. Fifth, we have brought them hate, depression and destabilization. Sixth, this I will answer below to answer all of the above in a summery…

Why are they (Afghanistan) against us? To those that think that we are in Afghanistan to plant roses and apple trees of delight and joy, then people you need to toss the TV out the window and get a life…

Afghans have just had it up to the top of their head with their foreign occupiers. Yes, occupiers! That is what we are in Afghanistan. We are not loved! We are not wanted! We are not needed! We are not being good little Americans there! We are not treating anyone with respect! We are arrogant! We are “Rulers”! We use force to make our point! We kill at will! We invaded! We were not there to get Osama bin Laden! (We knew he was not part of 9-11!) We were not there because they (Afagans) caused 9-11! We – well we simply are very wrong and should never have ever stepped foot in Afghanistan…

I personally think that the Afghans are extremely patient and good people! If someone tried to invade America do you think we would allow them to blow up half our country or do you think that most people would die trying to protect our homes?

My grandma use to say, “Put the shoe on the other foot!” Other words she meant to look at things from the others point of view and not from your little, secure and blinded point of view…

The real answer is: We lost the war against a very proud and tough people! They will never give in to a country like America that thinks they can bully their way in the world. They are not afraid of America and the statement: “Graveyard of Empires!” is as true now as it was many moons ago, when they took the Britain’s and Russian’s down a notch or two in the world standings. Afagans are now making it clear that it is time to pack our (USA) bags and go home!

We have lost the war and are in the process of running with our tails between our legs as the others have done in the past…

It is hard to look good while you run away, but oh wait, the Western media says: ” A consensus is emerging that America has done what it needed to do in Afghanistan, and now it is time for the locals to start looking out for themselves.”

Okay, I believe! No, I really do! Excuse me, I really do believe! Hey, I do… 🙂

Besides Obama has an election to worry about and he needs some extra push from the love of leaving Afghanistan…

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia!

PS: I feel sorry for all the Americans that really think that we are doing good in all these wars around the world. But it does tell me that the MSM is way too powerful of a commodity in America. Time to wake up people…

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  1. Francie Newville May 26, 2012

    I have been absent for some time, but now I remember why I used to love this website. Thank you, I¡¦ll try and check back more frequently. How frequently you update your website?

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