The drumbeat of war between Russia and the U.S. (“Rinascita”, Italy)

Mraovich Dragan (Dragan Mraovic), March 2, 2012:

U.S. President Obama it is still argued that the Nobel Peace Prize has got into the wrong hands. In his February 22 speech, he (Obama) proclaimed “the expansion of American influence around the world.” In other words, he announced the new wars, new killings of civilians and the occupation of the new, yet free from the oppression of Washington. Putin’s answer followed immediately in his speech on February 23, the day after Obama’s address to the nation: “We will not allow anyone to impose their will on us … We are a nation of winners … “.

So, you heard the drumbeat of war. At the moment, to continue the occupation of small countries, rich, however, natural resources and occupy important strategic positions, which cause the appetite of the new colonizers. Members of the Atlantic Alliance continues to invent a sickening excuses about “human rights” and “democratization” in order to arrange the slaughter around the world, destroying lives everywhere where there is minimal resistance to their claims. The reason for this was determined by a great writer Ernest Hemingway in one of his statements, which we do not get tired of repeating: “One cat just leads to another.” Sooner or later this situation will lead to the final confrontation, the end of this civilization and the planet. It seems that the only salvation lies in returning to a bipolar world, the two political and military blocs, none of whom could not “outweigh” the other. It seems that Russia and China and India in the shadows begin to think about it, because it is only able to quell the fear of the demon in man.

Putin’s answer was not only in words. With him Russia has made great progress in the military field. A new proof of Russian weapons – a new “invisible” Russia’s fifth-generation multirole fighter Sukhoi PAK FA T-50, submitted by the commander of the Russian Air Force Gen. Alexander Zelin said. This aircraft is superior to its American rival the F-22 Raptor and the aircraft of this type, built by the Chinese. Russian “stealth aircraft” can reach speeds up to 2600 kilometers per hour, while American fighter can reach 2410 kilometers per hour, and the Chinese is limited to 2000 kilometers per hour. Russian plane may be in free flight range of 5,500 kilometers, the U.S. – only 3400 km. Russian aircraft runway is needed is three times shorter than that necessary for the American “robber.” It can detect targets at a distance of 400 km, and an American plane – only at a distance of 220 km. In a direct clash with the American plane is not the slightest opportunity to discover Russia until it was destroyed. Russia also continues to upgrade its aircraft observations. The new model aircraft airborne warning and control A-100 is much better able to “see” the target than the present American planes Avax.

Recall that the planes – “Invisible”, “invisible” for the radar, but not to the eye. However, when their eyes says it is too late. The famous American aircraft “invisible» F-117 for the first time in its history, was shot down by Serbs in 1999, and he was not alone, because the Serbs managed to hit four of the six aircraft that participated in the aggression against Serbia. The second plane crashed in Bosnia, his pieces have been photographed agency AP. Once it was done in a third plane hit, he is in “technical” flight flew to California, where he fell, unable to land at a military airport, broke into pieces. The fourth had suffered damage, but he was able to land at the airport in Zagabrii. During the ten years of military flights over Iraq in F-117 never had a problem, but keep in mind the fighting qualities of soldiers, not only the quality of arms, because the Iraqis were better armed than the army of Serbia. The Americans later learned by the new Serbian government Atlanticist put to them in 2000, the secret that allowed the Serbs to discover the “invisible” American planes. Maybe they have improved then their new aircraft models in this regard. But the “tricks” the defenders can also be improved. The human imagination than any technology. It is almost universally known military secret that part of the American F-117 aircraft shot down by Serbs and crashed near the Serbian village Ladjevci, were in the hands of the Russian and the Chinese, making it easier for them to study the achievements of American technology. And a decade later, Russian and Chinese planes were able to implement these in part because of the Serbs, who helped them in technical espionage, providing fragments of a downed American F-117 aircraft.

But things are moving on the ground. The new Russian anti-aircraft missile system large and medium-range S-400 has a radius of 400 km and is able to shoot down ballistic missiles. Normal squadron of 20-24 military aircraft, such as those used during the NATO aggression on Serbia, and was accompanied by the F-117 flying squadron in the center and leaving a large empty space illogical on the screen of modern radar systems, will inevitably lose more than 80% of the aircraft after launch S-400 missile, which is in the air “split” into many smaller rockets. The latest S-500 system will be able to knock down targets flying in space, for example, military satellites and spy satellites. It will be taken up by the Russian army in 2015. Of course, the Americans now turn to balance the benefits of the Russians, and they certainly will not be idle. Thus, the arms race continues, while cynical politicians talk about peace. No one dares to state explicitly that at the moment of human history, the greatest threat to peace lies in the NATO led by the Americans and their claims to dominate the world, clearly expressed in the above quoted Obama’s speech, which is a guide for EU policy. However, the Atlantic “world” has led to a unique result in the whole world, wherever set foot soldiers of the coalition, the war raging, killing civilians and destroying created. There is no progress. People are worse off than before, and not schaditsya or their culture or their religion or their history.

Destroyed their productive capacity, leading to starvation. All this in order to force citizens to accept the new owners for a bowl of soup. But it affects the lives of the people of the united Europe, because as a result of the price of gasoline skyrockets, dramatically reduced revenues and taxes rise to unimaginable levels. In Europe we are seeing the financial bankruptcy of Greece, this development can not be excluded for Portugal, and for Italy. If the financial meltdown threatens a country like Italy, which recently was the fifth or seventh of the world economic power, at least among the ten most powerful economies in the world, then, for small countries such as Serbia has no hope at all. Effect of democracy has been suspended in Italy and Greece, with the creation of governments, not elected by the people, but the banking sector and raised more capital in order to save the rich and the international megabanks, and not the citizens and the middle bourgeoisie, without which there is no economically healthy society. Here it is the result of a grand warlike and greedy politicians from Brussels bureaucrats and dictators from Washington. If it is not surprising that policymakers continue to create these problems led to the bankers, because their minds are corrupt without any hope of correction, it should be surprising silence of most of the intellectuals in the world. Most of them are corrupt, depending on the publication of their works, from a handful of money from the vanity, which dies with them “tvorenitsami” as soon as they themselves go to another world.

Anyone who does not want to be corrupt, does not publish their works in the big publishing houses do not appear on television, not print his articles in the pages of newspapers and weeklies known, at least, more worthy of respect because he is fighting for the good of humanity .

Today’s “great” poets write poems to content emasculated that nobody reads, novelists write history at the school level such as Luisito, philosophers and sociologists, politicians cater to justify their actions, instead of protecting universal human right to life and freedom, university professors to keep their seats with payment in 3000-4000 euros per month, close their eyes to the alarming and destructive situation. It arose as a result of the Bologna agreement in all the countries that joined him, because now the problem is not thinking in shaping the future of young people, the challenge is to turn our children into obedient robots, destroying thus the foundation for education people of the future. None (the exceptions are rare) from the intellectuals did not oppose the apparent decline of modern society. If you think people behave this way, it is easy to imagine that the decline of modern society is irreversible. Twenty-first century, of course, will be the century of progress, but the era of the decline of the human race. Do not forget that the Roman Empire did not collapsed under the onslaught of the barbarians, but because it is weakened from within by moral and social decline.

It will be played out, the future of Europe and the world.

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