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Winter in the Russian Village…

Today, after the wild snow last night, we will attempt to get to the Big Village. Looks good outside this morning and Sveta and I moved the car to the top of the village to allow us to sit on level ground. Nothing else, we can sled down the hill with the car and hope for the best… 😉

Sveta picked the best time to come to the Russian Village, for it will actually warm up a few days, then it will scream, cold at us for the next month or two. Sveta will be back in Moscow before the screaming chill starts. We have to get to the Big Village and stock up on supplies. For I most likely will be snowed in for at least two months. We are hoping that Sveta can come down at my birthday time in January and stay a week. I can walk to the bus stop and meet her if that is what needs be…

When Sveta leaves on Sunday, it will be plus 6 or 7 degrees, now how is that for perfect timing?

Coffee-iconHave a nice day and the next article is about a reporter who came from the regional newspaper and did an interview with me. I have Vova to blame and thank for that… 🙂

Cup of coffee time…

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia

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