Fake gates on the bell tower in Russian Village…


Fake gates on the bell tower!

That is what we found yesterday as we walked in the rain. They had someone with a huge printer print plastic sheets with an image of a gate from another monastery somewhere. I could see them from the road and thought at first, “They are putting up gates; yippy!”

But alas, not to be true and they are fake… 🙂

They also are putting concrete floors in the complete lower section of the bell tower and decent stairs all the way to the top of the tower. Looks like there will be lots of school field trips this next summer.

It also looks as if there will be soon a full time person living at the bell tower, it really is needed, because kids/young adults like to damage the tower in pranks as they are drunk and such. Sad, it seems that you cannot get away from kids that do that stuff…

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