Yup – There is Life After a Russian Winter and We Have a 13th Floor!

The last week as the snow has been thawing, I have been watching the ground for signs of life anew. The trees have not acknowledge Spring yet, so I figured my next best bet would be the forest floor…
Above – Looks really barren at this point and still snow.
Below – take a closer look at the floor under the trees. Eureka!

Below – Then I found what I was looking for New shoots with leaves… 🙂
Above – Funny how these plants (seeds) survive 30 below zero and act like nothing is wrong!
Below – Then Boza and I found the elevators broke in our building and we decided to walk to the 12th floor (We live on the 2nd floor.) and see what’s up…
The next building is starting to have the foundation layer poured and you can see the parking garage that costs 1,000,000 rubles per parking place, nestled between the buildings…
Above – Now the elevator will only go to the 12th floor and if you are on the 12th floor staircase you will discover that there is a 13th floor. They will not let me up there to see what is going on. Now this drives someone like me crazy and I already counted floors from the outside and saw that we have a secrete floor. If you look up the stairway you can see that it goes to a balcony and an open floor with no flats built. One day I will get up there to see what is so important that we have to live without a 13th floor.

That is it for today, after I kicked and pulled on the door of the 13th floor. I decided that maybe I should be good because they might just keep me behind those bars. 🙂

Windows to Russia!