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Sometimes I wonder why we cannot just have a world game and not be politicized?

Russia 2018 “The Tournament of Dreams”. So goes a slogan for the next FIFA World Cup. For anyone aside from Russia and Saudi Arabia fans though, the opening game of this year’s elite tournament looks more like a footballing nightmare. A far cry from the days where the current holders automatically kicked the tournament off, the two teams raising the curtain this time round will be the two currently lowest ranked in the whole competition.

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Yes Russia won and it was a good game…

The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia got off to the perfect start for the hosts as the Russian national team cruised to a 5-0 victory over Saudi Arabia, using three goals from substitutes, including two from Denis Cheryshev. Russia scored just 12 minutes into the match thanks to a header from Lury Gazinsky, but they would need nothing more to take all three points and move atop Group A.

Source: Russia 5-0 Saudi Arabia: World Cup hosts start the party with convincing win thanks to subs – CBSSports.com

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Mike Masr – I really could not expect anything less.

Putin has expressed that sporting events should not be politicized, and the US does not hold to this principal. Fair competition and innocent athletes should not suffer from political fallout says Putin.

The World Cup is not even 24 hours old and it’s starting, Statista’s Martin Armstrong says World Cup 2018: The Worst Opening Game Ever.

William Evanina, an FBI agent and director of the US Counterintelligence and Security Center says, if you’re planning on traveling to Russia for the World Cup, you might want to think twice about bringing a personal device. Just ask Robert Mueller, Eric Swalwell or Adam Schiff our most famous tin foil hat paranoids that see Russians in every shadow. Russians are even watching and listening to you in the toilet don’t you know. (sarc) The MIC deep-state narrative says big bad evil Russia is watching.

When Sochi, Russia hosted the 2014 Winter Olympic games the US was in a 24/7 campaign to discredit it due to the then recent law passed in Russia banning the promotion of homosexuality to little children. Never mind our best friends in Saudi Arabia that ceremonially execute gays by tossing them off rooftops and behead women for adultery. After all, Russia should allow a 5 year old to learn all about anal sex and that it’s perfectly okay to like that and to be gay. There is no end to duplicity and hypocrisy in US criticism.

I knew this was coming.

We can’t let the games proceed we need to continue our program of Russia bashing.

Oh how true. How true…


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