⚡️Emergency statement by Russian Defence Ministry…

▫️ The units of the LPR People’s Militia, with the support of Russian troops under the command of Army General S.V. Surovikin, as a result of successful offensive operations, completely liberated Severodonetsk and Borovskoye, Voronovo and Sirotino of LPR.

▫️ Thus, the enemy’s attempt to turn the industrial zone of the Severodonetsk Azot enterprise into a stubborn center of resistance was thwarted. Currently, the territory of this enterprise is controlled by units of the LPR People’s Militia.

▫️ With the liberation of Severodonetsk and Borovskoye, the entire left-bank territory of the Seversky Donets within the borders of LPR came under its full control.

Russian Defence Ministry spokesperson Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov

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