MoD of Russia Reports for November 29th, 2022…

29.11.2022 (18:30) Air defence units prevent enemy air attacks within exercises in Volga region The Borisoglebsk-2 and other electronic warfare systems successfully practised detecting control signals and suppressing detected radio channels in order to disable the drones.
29.11.2022 (12:00) Iskander-M missile units practise in Transbaikalia The commander assessed the ability of units to make independent decisions on the use of forces in a variety of environments.
29.11.2022 (08:30) Russian Aerospace Forces’ Su-30cm and Su-35s perform combat missions within special military operation Within one of the sorties, an AFU aircraft was timely detected and destroyed.
29.11.2022 (07:30) Signal Troops units from Western MD continue their combat actions within special military operation A repeater in the sky doubles the range of radio stations on the ground. The quadcopter can also conduct reconnaissance using a video camera.
29.11.2022 (06:00) Mobilised servicemen of the Eastern MD begin shooting exercises with Acacia SPG in Buryatia Within the practical exercises, the crews of the self-propelled guns (SPG) practice the procedure of bringing the guns to combat readiness, operative loading, targeting and firing.

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Medvedev on USA and EU divorce…

It seems that the marriage between the USA and Europe has every chance of ending in a dirty scandal and a dreary division of jointly acquired property. The reason is a clear economic infidelity, and sometimes even a demonstrative refusal to fulfill the “conjugal duty.” The alpha male Pindostan, despite all his oaths of fidelity, love to the grave and mocking promises to bring all income exclusively “to the family”, it turns out, brazenly lied to his hateful Europe. He does not even think about sharing profits. On the contrary, it takes the last thing from an aged partner and appropriates it for itself without the slightest hesitation. And on the opinion of his partner, he defiantly puts it known that, however, under the sauce of beautiful, but empty political statements.

The further, the more actively the United States creates conditions on its territory for the rapid integration of leading European companies into its economy. The system of subsidies and tax incentives encourages them to become investors in the New World, forgetting about the interests of an ugly aging Europe. Which, moreover, in a masochistic frenzy, imposed sanctions, probably causing her sweet pain. America is also going out of its way to encourage its customers to buy US-made products, from electric cars to hot consumer goods. Business is business, it is driven not by the political madness that tightly gripped the European Union, but by its own benefit. Due to the sanctions war declared on Russia, European companies see less and less opportunities for themselves to work normally in their own countries. The Russian market is closed. The Chinese market is tightly crammed with its goods. But America is waiting for the European companies that have gone on a spree, smiling with all their 32 white implants and opening wide arms, in which the business of the Old World is now softened and basking.

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MoD of Russia Reports for November 28th, 2022…

28.11.2022 (10:30) Mobilised servicemen attend intensive combat training in Kostroma region After the end of the training, the mobilised personnel are to be sent to the rear area of the defense forces to undergo a combat cohesion as part of larger units.
28.11.2022 (06:00) 2S3 Akatsiya self-propelled howitzer crews of SMD defeated AFU observation post The artillerymen moved to a firing position and, according to reconnaissance data, pointed their guns at the target and destroyed the Ukrainian nationalists’ position with quick fire.
28.11.2022 (05:45) Giatsint-B gun crews together with crews of Zoopark systems of WMD continue to successfully carry out air defence combat missions Zoopark intelligence and fire control radar system allows to accurately determine the position of enemy firepower on the first shot.
28.11.2022 (05:30) Su-25 assault fighter crews launch missile attacks at AFU military facilities and equipment As a result of combat use of aviation weapons, the AFU camouflaged fortified field positions and armoured vehicles have been destroyed.
28.11.2022 (05:15) Battery of Buk-M3 and Buk-M2 anti-aircraft missile systems of the CMD destroys about 40 targets The units of the two generations of SAMs operate in a unified air defence system to distribute targets based on range and their tactical and technical characteristics.
28.11.2022 (05:00) Commander of the Airborne Troops presented state awards to Russian paratroopers Colonel General Mikhail Teplinsky thanked the servicemen the “winged infantry” for their courage and heroism shown within the special military operation.

MoD of Russia Report for November 27th, 2022…

27.11.2022 (14:45)

Russian Defence Ministry report on the progress of the special military operation in Ukraine (27 November 2022)

Russian Federation Armed Forces continue the special military operation.

As a result of a Russian Aerospace Forces’ high-precision weapons hitting on the temporary deployment locations of the so-called Foreign Legion fighters, up to 100 foreign mercenaries and six armoured vehicles were destroyed near Chasov Yar (Donetsk People’s Republic).

In Kupyansk direction, artillery fire against the AFU’s assembly areas thwarted the enemy attack at Novoselovskoye (Lugansk People’s Republic).
Up to 30 Ukrainian servicemen and two pickup trucks were annihilated.

In Krasny Liman direction, preventive fire damage in Stelmakhovka and Ploshchanka (Lugansk People’s Republic) foiled attempts of the AFU to launch an offensive with two company tactical units in the direction of Kolomyychikha and Ploshchanka (Lugansk People’s Republic).
The enemy also made futile attempts to equip strong positions and gain a foothold close to Ploshchanka and Chervonopopovka.
As a result of artillery fire, AFU units were halted and pushed back to their initial positions.
The enemy’s losses in this direction amounted to over 50 Ukrainian personnel killed and wounded. Three armoured fighting vehicles and four special vehicles were eliminated.

In Donetsk direction, the AFU’s counterattacks were repulsed near Soledar, Opytnoye, Kurdyumovka, and Mayorsk as a result of the Russian forces’ fire defeat and decisive operations.
Up to 70 Ukrainian personnel were neutralised, as well as two tanks, three armoured fighting vehicles, and five pickup trucks.

In South Donetsk direction, the enemy attempted to retake the lost position in Novomikhailovka, Pavlovka, and Shevchenko (Donetsk People’s Republic). Artillery strikes and assault units repulsed all of the attacks, and the enemy was forced back to the initial positions. The Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered 60 casualties in this direction, as well as one infantry fighting vehicle, two armoured fighting vehicles, two MT-LB vehicles, and five motor vehicles.

Operational-Tactical and Army Aviation, Missile Troops, and Artillery struck six enemy command posts in Sadovoye, Dudchany, and Zolotaya Balka (Kherson region), Yampol (Donetsk People’s Republic ), and Kislovka (Kharkiv region), as well as 62 artillery units at firing positions, manpower, and military equipment in 137 areas.

An ammo store outside Dnipropetrovsk, which stored over 100 HIMARS multiple-launch rockets and over 7,000 foreign-made large-calibre artillery rounds, was destroyed.

Four missile and artillery ammunition depots of the AFU Zaporozhye force grouping have been destroyed near Razumovka (Zaporozhye region).

Two HIMARS MLRS rockets were shot down by air defence near Bogdanovka (Kherson region).
In addition, a Excalibur artillery giuded round was intercepted near Miropolye (Sumy region).

In total, 333 airplanes and 177 helicopters, 2,565 unmanned aerial vehicles, 390 air defence missile systems, 6,848 tanks and other armoured combat vehicles, 904 combat vehicles equipped with MRLS, 3,620 field artillery cannons and mortars, as well as 7,381 units of special military equipment have been destroyed during the special military operation.

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