MoD of Russia Reports for November 28th, 2022…

28.11.2022 (10:30) Mobilised servicemen attend intensive combat training in Kostroma region After the end of the training, the mobilised personnel are to be sent to the rear area of the defense forces to undergo a combat cohesion as part of larger units.
28.11.2022 (06:00) 2S3 Akatsiya self-propelled howitzer crews of SMD defeated AFU observation post The artillerymen moved to a firing position and, according to reconnaissance data, pointed their guns at the target and destroyed the Ukrainian nationalists’ position with quick fire.
28.11.2022 (05:45) Giatsint-B gun crews together with crews of Zoopark systems of WMD continue to successfully carry out air defence combat missions Zoopark intelligence and fire control radar system allows to accurately determine the position of enemy firepower on the first shot.
28.11.2022 (05:30) Su-25 assault fighter crews launch missile attacks at AFU military facilities and equipment As a result of combat use of aviation weapons, the AFU camouflaged fortified field positions and armoured vehicles have been destroyed.
28.11.2022 (05:15) Battery of Buk-M3 and Buk-M2 anti-aircraft missile systems of the CMD destroys about 40 targets The units of the two generations of SAMs operate in a unified air defence system to distribute targets based on range and their tactical and technical characteristics.
28.11.2022 (05:00) Commander of the Airborne Troops presented state awards to Russian paratroopers Colonel General Mikhail Teplinsky thanked the servicemen the “winged infantry” for their courage and heroism shown within the special military operation.