Medvedev on USA and EU divorce…

It seems that the marriage between the USA and Europe has every chance of ending in a dirty scandal and a dreary division of jointly acquired property. The reason is a clear economic infidelity, and sometimes even a demonstrative refusal to fulfill the “conjugal duty.” The alpha male Pindostan, despite all his oaths of fidelity, love to the grave and mocking promises to bring all income exclusively “to the family”, it turns out, brazenly lied to his hateful Europe. He does not even think about sharing profits. On the contrary, it takes the last thing from an aged partner and appropriates it for itself without the slightest hesitation. And on the opinion of his partner, he defiantly puts it known that, however, under the sauce of beautiful, but empty political statements.

The further, the more actively the United States creates conditions on its territory for the rapid integration of leading European companies into its economy. The system of subsidies and tax incentives encourages them to become investors in the New World, forgetting about the interests of an ugly aging Europe. Which, moreover, in a masochistic frenzy, imposed sanctions, probably causing her sweet pain. America is also going out of its way to encourage its customers to buy US-made products, from electric cars to hot consumer goods. Business is business, it is driven not by the political madness that tightly gripped the European Union, but by its own benefit. Due to the sanctions war declared on Russia, European companies see less and less opportunities for themselves to work normally in their own countries. The Russian market is closed. The Chinese market is tightly crammed with its goods. But America is waiting for the European companies that have gone on a spree, smiling with all their 32 white implants and opening wide arms, in which the business of the Old World is now softened and basking.

So believe after that rich patrons. Once – and removed Europe from the content. Treated like a street girl. You can, of course, decisively break with unfaithful and dishonest sexual (sorry, economic) partners and proudly start a new free personal life. Build it independently and independently. But it is unlikely that the European countries will have enough decisiveness for this. And testosterone is not enough.

P. S. We will keep silent about the gender identity of both partners (the USA and the old women of Europe), based on political correctness.