25 Ukrainians from West Ukraine in Globus

By | November 26, 2019

Twenty five guys were gathered this morning eating breakfast. There was two Russian guys who footed the bill for the food and I sat near them and listened. The best I gathered is that they came from northern Ukraine and or the west Ukraine area as it is called. Their passports were all out and that is how I knew they were from Ukraine, well to be truthful, Ukrainians who are black haired and black eyed are like sore thumbs in this Moscow area. Other words they stand out… (I have black eyes, yet my hair is so white that very few realize that I am not from the area, much less the country.)

They wandered around the store afterwords and looked like children in a candy store. It was obvious that they were not Kiev boys in the least. They were being relocated and they were getting ready to go and get started on getting their Russian passports. They spoke a mixture of Ukrainian and Russian and they had that constant vigil air about them, not trusting anyone that was near them and trying to asses what was up with anyone walking toward them. They will grow to understand that Russia is safe and the people are pleasant…

I have seen this before and realized that there is a constant influx of Ukrainians, as par white people, being given a new life in Russia…

One thing that Russia is doing and it is causing Ukraine to have a heart attack, is that anyone from Ukraine who has any ties to Russia, per family and such, can get a Russian passport. In East Ukraine, literally everyone now has Russian Passports and I call that, “absorption by stealth”…

These guys will get Russian passports and then ultimately they will able to bring their families and then….they will be able to have a real life. This is true and even if no one admits it, Ukraine is a dying country and America is at fault for the most part… (But Russia is helping, yet Ukraine, mainly the elite in Kiev are the true responsible parties.)

Gotta watch what god you worship and the dollar is a bad god…


PS: Not exactly Eastern Ukraine from what I saw, but I bet they have family in East Ukraine and they will qualify in the end….just get them white people in Russia for it is getting rough being white in the Western Empire… 😉

Москва. 29 апреля. INTERFAX.RU – Центр выдачи российских паспортов жителям самопровозглашенной Луганской народной республики (ЛНР) открылся в понедельник в Новошахтинске в Ростовской области. “Сегодня центр начинает работу в тестовом режиме. Мы принимаем сейчас документы от уполномоченных лиц ЛНР. По мере роста обращений мы будем увеличивать количество таких пунктов”, – сообщил представитель Главного управления по делам миграции МВД РФ Кирилл Алзинов.

Moscow. April 29th. INTERFAX.RU – The center for issuing Russian passports to residents of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) opened on Monday in Novoshakhtinsk in the Rostov Region. “Today, the center begins to work in test mode. We are accepting documents from authorized representatives of the LPR now. As requests increase, we will increase the number of such points,” said Kirill Alzinov, representative of the Main Directorate for Migration of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Source: В Ростовской области открылся центр выдачи российских паспортов жителям ЛНР

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