90-Year-Old Catholic Bishop Arrested in Hong Kong…

~~ The catholic church used to stand for good.~~

Now it is another corrupt diabolic organ of Satan. Except…

The catholic church never stood for good. It has always been a satanic cult….and to have it stationed in your country is like putting a Rattle Snake in your bed to keep you warm at night…

Authorities in Hong Kong arrested a 90-year-old former Catholic bishop over his reported support for a pro-democracy group.Officials have repeatedly detained Cardinal Joseph Zen — the former bishop of Hong Kong — due to his role as a trustee with the group 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund, according to the National Catholic Register. The fund has helped pay legal fees for people who took part in the 2019 pro-democracy protests, which were ultimately quashed by Chinese authorities. The group, it should be noted, closed its doors in 2021.

Source: 90-Year-Old Bishop Arrested in Hong Kong for Supporting Democracy | CBN News

What about that Holy War I keep talking about?

China cleaning up and getting ready!


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