Russian Joke: 4 hours ago somewhere in America..

Joke in Russia:


4 hours ago somewhere in America…

Dad said: after watching the nightly news: Damn Iran again and those illegal nukes, give them sanctions till they all die…

Little Jimmy said: to dad as he looked up from his homework: Know who else has an illegal nuclear weapons program? Israel! Why no sanctions there?

(Amazon Alexa went beep beep…)

Then later: Knock Knock:

Sir, as they flash their badges: You need to have your son withdraw the question, and both of say you’re sorry, or the US Congress will pass a resolution condemning you to hell itself. Sanctions will be imposed upon you and your family…

“We simply cannot ask such questions about Israel in the USA…”

Oh, I guess you have to be in Russia to understand….sorry! 😉


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