Microsoft to compensate Finnish man for unwanted installation of Windows 10

I hope this leads to an avalanche of lawsuits against this scum of a company. It should, just as Microsoft should never have updated systems without permission. One system of ours was and it destroyed a lot of data…

HELSINKI – The Finnish Consumer Disputes Board (CDB) has ordered Microsoft to compensate a Finnish man for unauthorized installation of Windows 10, local media reported on Saturday. In a decision reported by national broadcaster Yle on Saturday, the installation of Windows 10 had started when a computer owner was working with his computer in March 2016. Microsoft had not asked for permission and the person had not given an authorization. Following the installation, the computer started giving “at fault” messages. The board concluded that Microsoft had no right to install Windows 10 without permission. There was a mistake in the installation and that created a duty for Microsoft to compensate, it said. In its response Microsoft held the view that the man had obtained required help from its free customer support. Microsoft stated that it was not responsible for programs the computer owner had installed on his own for remote surveillance of an object. Noting that Microsoft did not deny that the new operating system could be installed without permission, the CDB stated that Microsoft did not deny the connection between the fault and the damage it cause. The board then decided that Microsoft must reimburse 1,100 euros ($1,253) worth of spare parts and maintenance and travel costs. The board dismissed the owner’s claims for lost work time, as it had not been specified in the complaint. The CDB members are appointed by the Ministry of Justice. Although the board decisions cannot be enforced through coercive measures, 80 percent of companies fined comply with its decisions.

Source: Microsoft to compensate Finnish man for unwanted installation of Windows 10 –

We ended up having to install blocking software to keep the systems from updating against our wishes…


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