A woman got the coronavirus, so she ran away…

Russian health official sues woman who fled coronavirus quarantine

ST. PETERSBURG, February 13. /TASS/. The chief sanitary physician in the Russian city of St. Petersburg has filed a lawsuit against a woman who escaped from the Botkin Hospital for Infectious Diseases where she was undergoing coronavirus quarantine, the united press service of the city’s courts said in a statement on Thursday.

Source: Russian health official sues woman who fled coronavirus quarantine – Society & Culture – TASS

Some people so no intelligence at all. many people only think of themselves and the woman above in the article displays serious issues with caring about the rest of the world…

While she should have not been able to get out (bad quarantine in my book). She also should have enough sense to know that she is a time bomb waiting to happen and a few weeks in quarantine would be a small price to pay to help keep from spreading the coronavirus…

A whole bunch of stupid just happened and they will sue!

Seriously people, what is wrong with some of us, a bunch of us?

Thanks lady and thanks for the secure quarantine at the hostpital… ~~


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