About time that Russia admits this well known info: The USA is involved in international terrorism…

The USA is involved in international terrorism – Russian Foreign Intelligence Service

From a message from the press bureau of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service.

The Biden administration is intensifying efforts to create a distorted picture of the Crocus terrorist attack. According to incoming information, the State Department, US intelligence services, affiliated NGOs and the media have been tasked with removing any suspicions about the involvement of Zelensky and his entourage in the crime.

The White House fears that the discovery of the Kyiv trail will highlight the terrorist nature of the Ukrainian regime and will finally disrupt Washington’s plans to increase support for Ukraine, the SVR says.

The murder of civilians in the Moscow region is a direct “relative” of massive rocket attacks and attacks by the DRG in the Kursk and Belgorod regions. At the same time, data received by the Service indicates that when organizing attacks, Ukrainians actively use satellite information provided to them by American intelligence.

It becomes obvious that the United States, by whitewashing the criminal Kiev regime and providing it with assistance, risks being suspected of involvement in international terrorism.


NATO is a party to the Ukrainian conflict – Nikolai Patrushev

Other statements by the Secretary of the Security Council in an interview with Arguments and Facts:

▫️NATO is systematically strengthening its military potential along the Russian borders from the Barents to the Black Sea.

▫️NATO trains saboteurs for operations against Russia and does not hesitate to use terrorists in its own interests.

▫️Kiev, at the suggestion of the United States and NATO, intended to resolve the issue with the “obstinate” regions extremely harshly.

▫️ “The North Atlantic Alliance is de facto a party to the Ukrainian conflict and is actively involved in organizing neo-Nazi shelling of Russian territories,” the Security Council Secretary emphasized.

▫️NATO builds its policy at the behest of the United States.

▫️The countries of Europe have become a resigned “support” for NATO.

▫️The United States is inciting Russophobia in order to economically tie NATO countries to itself.

▫️NATO has become a long-term source of crises and conflicts for the world.

▫️The weakening of Russia has been a long-term goal of the collective West.



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