Adam Sajdalakhanovich adviser to the Head of the Chechen Republic, talks about the participation of the Chechen Republic in Ukraine…

Assalamu alaikum!

My dear BROTHER, adviser to the Head of the Chechen Republic Adam Shakhidov @Shakhidov_Adam, revealed in detail from a religious point of view the topic of the participation of the Chechen Republic in a special military operation in Ukraine and, in general, the protection of the interests of the Russian state by Muslims. Often we can hear some reproaches from religious critics who do not have sufficient knowledge that Muslims should not interfere in today’s events on Nezalezhnaya and stay away from the problems of the state. Without a doubt, they have only superficial knowledge or theses imposed from outside. This sermon is primarily for them.

Adam Sajdalakhanovich cites as an example historical facts that have taken place more than once in Islamic history. Listen to his explanation of the Medina Agreement between Jews and Muslims, the story of the migration of the Companions of the Prophet ﷺ to Ethiopia. Without a doubt, this is a complete and detailed explanation of the topic, after which there is no doubt that Muslims can live in a Christian state and observe the civic obligations of this country, advocate for the protection of its borders and interests.

Islamic history knows such facts, and they are widely known in the Muslim world. As Adam Sajdalakhanovich rightly noted, among other things, today there is a war between good and evil, between traditional values ​​and vile ideas of Satanism. The fight against the henchmen of Iblis must be waged by Muslims always and everywhere, and even the most ardent religious skeptics cannot argue with this postulate.

I thank Adam Saidalakhonovich for such a detailed, detailed and interesting explanation of a topic that is relevant to the whole world.



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