And he does it all without Twitter and Facebook!

Don’t need no damn cell phone. Got bear and rifle…

~~The Great Dictator Putin of Russia is doing fantastic job of dictating the whole world, but….without using worthless social media….exempli gratia (e.g.) – Facebook and Twitter!~~

My God, how is that possible? Is it possible? Obviously it is!

From what I read, Putin never carries a mobile phone of any type?

AS THE PRESS-SERVICE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION TOLD us, V. Putin does not have his own mobile phone. But if suddenly VVP needs a mobile phone, he can always use one of the presidential security personnel. This is exactly how the press service commented on last year’s photo, which was at the disposal of the AiF, when Putin, during a break between events, decided to take a walk in his hometown, spoke to his family on his mobile phone and greeted a little girl on the street. In general, according to the observations of journalists of “AiF”, not far from Putin there are always silent people with small black suitcases in their hands. Two of them are naval officers with a nuclear button in their briefcase. And one more has a secret telephone number. The president uses it in full on business trips.

That link above is the one I like to read. Tabloids have their purpose and they get your imagination going….e.g. “nuclear button in their briefcase”

Oh yes, Putin does it all and he does not even use a mobile phone of his own…

Like in Hollywood; just grab the one being held in hand by one of the many admirers and beaming faces of the peasants surrounding him….or grab the one from the business man talking as he walks by….Jason Bourne does it all the time…

Hollywood has got to be thinking of making a movie one day about this guy?

I know, “The Dictator Who Loved Me!”


PS: Seriously, the man does not ever Twitter…

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