And Russia is still being nice, very nice, to the Collective West. (Tell Me Lies!)

To me it is vital to harp on the way that Ukraine was allowed by Russia to keep its lights, web, and rail framework all working, since early this year when Russia said enough lies and games. This has been all the while that the Western Media of lies claims a ruthless, evil, barbaric and ridiculous assault by Orcs from Russia…

If you are in the west?

Tell Me Lies, tell me sweet little lies
(Tell Me Lies, Tell me tell me lies)
Oh no no, you can’t disguise
(You can’t disguise, no you can’t disguise)
Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies


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A survivor of six heart attacks and a brain tumor, a grumpy bear of a man, whom has declared Russia as his new and wonderful home. His wife is a true Russian Sweet Pea of a girl and she puts up with this bear of a guy and keeps him in line. Thank God for my Sweet Pea and Russia.