…and there are partners that are hopelessly incompetent

By | January 5, 2018


Russian Sergey Lavrov has learned to smile in the face of adversaries, from Vladimir Putin: When asked about how he manages to keep a straight face and say, “Western partners” without laughing and or cringing out loud, Lavrov expressed that Putin has taught him to be diplomatic in his expressions…Besides Lavrov said, “He also uses this phrase,” Then he said, “I believe that, by and large, everyone we communicate with is a partner. But partners are contractual partners – and there are partners that are hopelessly incompetent, which is more and more apparent in the West.” said Lavrov…

I see that Russia is getting real tired of trying to be polite and courteous. This is the upcoming moments that I have expressed many times on this website…

The world has been accommodating, but there is a limit to how much a bully (USA) can push people around…


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