April 23, 2022 by Maria Zakharova -On the report published by the Russian Ministry of Defence

On the report published by the Russian Ministry of Defence

April 23, 2022 by Maria Zakharova

The report published by the Russian Ministry of Defence today clearly proves that Washington, in close coordination with its NATO partners, has reached the final stage of setting up provocations in Ukraine aimed at convincing the international community that “Russia has been using weapons-grade poisonous substances and biological agents.”

Their rationale is obvious: the shocking details of the illegal cooperation between the United States and the Ukrainian administration which still remains in power in making bacteriological weapons have been revealed to the world. The realisation that their criminal activities would inevitably be exposed was so patently clear that Washington began to prepare in advance.

When the evidence was presented, the Americans could no longer continue to deny that US biolabs were indeed deployed in Ukraine, and even Victoria Nuland confirmed this under oath during a hearing at the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. Now Washington has decided to intercept the agenda and began preparing a heinous operation targeting Russian military personnel as well as the civilian population of Ukraine as its potential victims. 

Their preparations entered the active phase at the end of March, when various resources became involved in setting up the provocations. In addition to non-public internal preparations, the White House began to shape public opinion. Foreign Affairs ran an article on Russia’s capabilities with regard to biological and chemical warfare, Preparing for the Unthinkable in Ukraine, timed to come out right after Joe Biden spoke about the inevitable US reaction to Russia’s use of bioweapons, which was quite logical.

They also picked the contractors (naturally, controlled by the West), organisations that will be investigating the use of such weapons. I will name two of them: the Chemical Forensics International Technical Working Group, which surfaced during the provocations in Syria, and TNO, the Dutch applied research organisation (Nederlandse Organisatie voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek) specialising in Novichok-type poisons. In the past, both agencies have proven their reliability and diligence in serving their American handlers.

The Americans are also working to influence international organisations, especially the Red Cross and the OPCW. They are hoping to use the latter to pull off the Syrian scenario, subsequently expelling Russia from the organisation.

Naturally, work is underway to influence a wide scope of experts; the most prominent role in this effort is played by the Jamestown Foundation, an agency affiliated with the White House and the Pentagon, and Northeastern University in Boston.

The Americans and their partners in Europe take no notice of the fact that Russia has had no chemical weapons at all for five years – since September 27, 2017, and this has been verified by the OPCW. The Ukrainians, aided by NATO specialists, are to remedy this flaw in the American plans crudely enough: just as corrupt police officers plant a weapon with prints on an innocent suspect, Washington and Kiev are going to plant chemical weapons at the Russian Armed Forces’ positions in Ukraine.

Apparently, we saw an attempt to do just that the day before yesterday, when a Ukrainian drone dropped a container with ampoules on the Russian troops’ position. The impact was expected to trigger a chemical reaction leading to an explosion and a fire with the release of toxic substances that are not on the convention lists. There is evidence that Ukraine has purchased about 50 more drones that can spray chemical and biological weapons in the air.

This is more than serious. Clearly, the original US plan was to step up economic pressure on Russia to make it reconsider its legitimate security interests. That didn’t work. Now the US is going to use WMD; in fact, this is a game that crosses the red line. If this happens, the number of victims will be incalculable. Each of them will be on the conscience of the American strategists sitting in the White House, the State Department and the Pentagon, and on the conscience of their puppets in Kiev, if they still have any left.


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