The Arctic Sea Freighter is out of Food, Water and Fuel!

Lets continue this tale of the Arctic Sea Freighter – Maltese officials said it was not their responsibility to take control of the ship, even though it sales under a Maltese flag. At the same time, Spanish authorities do not want to put the ship in the port of Porta de Palmas in the Canaries because they do not want to be left with the responsibility of paying for the repairs of the ship.

At the same time the Russia government says they do not want anything to do with the ship…

So all fingers are pointing at the company that owns Arctic Sea – Solchart. The company has reportedly sent representative to the Canary Islands to get involved and bring all appropriate papers to dock the ship in the Canaries, but at the last minute Spanish authorities denied access of the Arctic Sea to the port, without offering an explanation.

So the ship just sits while the crew that is left on board runs out of water, food and fuel.

What next with this ship?

You watch – it will sink….

Windows to Russia!
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