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I have decided to try something today. I have lots of articles that readers suggest to me. I would love to publish them all but I would have to simply post articles 24 hours a day and I really have other things to do. 🙂 (Sometimes) So I have decided to have a post with some of the weekly articles that are sent to me from avid readers. I really get some great articles and this way I can post what people have and are interested in…

I was sent a good article by a good reader named Matt: A Moscow court has rejected a lawsuit filed by the grandson of Joseph Stalin claiming a Russian newspaper had defamed the Soviet dictator. This has been hot news all over Russia but I had just ignored it. Looks like Matt wants to make sure I see this and no longer ignore this tidbit of information. 🙂
Check the link to a BBC article.

I was sent another good article from a reader (Jim): It was about a serious situation that has developed in Moscow Russia. Moscow Russia has virtually run out of space that is allocated to bury the dead. Now I realize that Russia is the largest country in the world and you would think that there would not be a problem for people to find a burial place in Russia. Moscow is a different story…
So follow the link to a interesting read!

I was sent this old article by Mary, she is a regular reader of Windows to Russia: Mary sent an article from 1950 – called – Background For War: How Strong Is Russia? – The unavoidable and awesome fact confronting the world today is that before the decade or even the year is out, the U.S. and Russia may be at war. On the U.S. estimate of Russian power depends—or should depend—the extent to which the U.S. will build up its own strength.
Check the link to a step back in time…,9171,813854,00.html

One last article for today is another old time article from an old timer named WB called – FOREIGN RELATIONS: Tough Baby from Moscow: The nation’s greatest concern was far across the seas. Russia must not be allowed to fall if U.S. aid can prevent it. Russia’s fall would turn loose on Asia and Africa a terrific Nazi army, an army of millions of men, thousands of planes and thousands of tanks, an army big enough to fight on a 2,000-mile front—as it is now doing.
This link is even farther back in time…,9171,790399,00.html

Thanks everyone and if you continue to send me links I will post them every week or so.

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