Attention Belarus Political Prisoners: Ticket to Paradise…

I needed a good laugh today and this statement supplied that laugh. It was not a laugh at the Belarusian president but I was laughing at the thought of all the political prisoners going to the Western world on a one way ticket. That is what the West needs a bunch of political Belarusian’s… 🙂

The Belarusian president will “buy a ticket tomorrow” for all political prisoners in the country if Western states are willing to accommodate them. ­This is not an issue for Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko said during a working trip to the city of Shklov in Mogilev Region on Thursday. The West may take political prisoners if it is so concerned about them, he said. The president promised to take a decision and send them all in one wagon, “Including those who are free today and making a humming noise in the [public] squares.”
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So that is the answer. The West can have all of the humming Belarusian prisoners and make everyone happy…

Get a Ticket to Paradise… 🙂 LOL

Windows to Russia!