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By | August 16, 2018

I shake my head to think that the opioid crises could be worse than what I lived through in the past. But it seems to be worse now and I saw terrible things (1960’s and 1970’s) once upon a time in America….very very terrible things…

NEW YORK CITY — It isn’t just paramedics, police officers and opioid users who should keep naloxone, a safe medication that reverses overdoses, on hand, city officials say.

Source: Citywide Anti-Overdose Campaign Seeks to Promote Safe Use of Naloxone – Great Kills – New York – DNAinfo

Your bus ride to ??????

Naloxone advertisement on a back of a Roadrunner bus in Las Cruces seen going East bound on East University Avenue on October 20, 2017.

Maybe we need to address the underlining real issue of our society and stop the band aids…


This Is Not Your Father’s Heroin Crisis – From the legacy of morphine-addicted Civil War veterans to the rock-and-roll drug culture of the ’60s, the United States has had a long dark history with opioid abuse. But today’s burgeoning overdose crisis is threatening to become the deadliest chapter in the country’s relationship with heroin. InsideSources offers a look at how this generation’s wave of heroin addiction has exploded into a national crisis:

Source: Today’s Opioid Epidemic: This Is Not Your Father’s Heroin Crisis – InsideSources

Maybe it would be better to grind up that Percocet and suck it down into your lungs, than to face real life? Snorting percocet/vicodin was big in the big cities I lived in….you could make a fortune selling one percocet and or vicodin at a time for over twenty dollars apiece…

Idiots….take it from someone who has had morphine for heart attacks (six of them to be exact,) knife wounds, being shot and several other occasions. There is nothing about the stuff that cures anything…


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