Azovstal bases soldiers blew up their private home…

The wounded 2-year-old San Sanych was taken out of Mariupol by the DPR military on a tank

The family lived in line of sight from Azovstal. Another shell fired from there on March 22 covered them right in the basement of their own house, the shelter did not save them.

“My wife was killed right away, she was holding our son in her arms. And I was able to get him out of there. The DPR military helped, they took us out of the city on a tank, handed us over to the Russian military, and they were already taken to the Donetsk hospital,” Alexander told the Donbass Decides channel.

The man is grateful to Donetsk doctors for the help, the entire volume of which is provided here for free. San Sanych is waiting for plastic surgery ahead.


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