Bankrolled Bloggers in Russia…

By | January 11, 2018

Well that means I am safe!

I could only dream of being bankrolled by some entity to write this blog. Except one issue, “I write what I see as the truth and no one, but no one will change those coffee thoughts with money.” You might change my mind with facts, data and truth. But money does not buy a spot to lie on my blog…

MOSCOW, January 10. /TASS/. Bloggers receiving funds from foreign governments may be recognized as foreign agent media outlets, Russian Deputy Speaker of the State Duma, the lower house of parliament, Pyotr Tolstoy said.

“These are individuals who act as mass media, including bloggers, if there is evidence of funding from abroad and signs equating them to foreign agent media outlets,” Tolstoy said.

This refers to bloggers bankrolled by foreign governments through a foundation based in the United States and who receive funds to disseminate information from their sources, he said. “So, they receive money from a foreign state, not from a private person.”


I realize that there are blogs that are being paid to write squalid text about Russia. Just as there are sites that call themselves news sites of Russia in English, that are funded heavily with western money. But they are easy to spot, it is obvious when someone is bankrolled…

Seriously though:

The dream is after all these years of daily posting and persistence in the subject matter within its pages. Is a dream that WtR would have made a living for me. But it seems that is alas. I never picked up the pen, never strike the keys on the computer to speak what everyone else wants me to say and you to hear. I do not follow anything and or anyone, but my heart…

But Alas:

If I was paid to do this (other than some donations through readers,) I would be obligated to say things that did not mean anything to me. A paycheck has the advantage of buying a form of loyalty to the employer. Good or bad, obligation is merited when they pay you to write for them. No one has a thumb on my ass and tells me what to write, though many have tried and WtR has paid the price dearly…

To put it mildly, “You do not get rich writing how you feel, money comes from writing how they feel!”


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