Be nice to go see, but Svetochka would probably not like to look at cars?

By | August 31, 2018

Svetochka loves her Sammy the Volga and no other car matters! And that is just right….but…

The largest Russian automobile exhibition, the Moscow International Automobile Salon – MIAS 2018, started on August 29 in the capital’s exhibition complex Crocus Expo. The leaders of the mass segment are returning to the exhibition, promising premieres and novelties, and the highlight of the auto show will be the world premiere of the Russian “luxury” Aurus cars, developed within the framework of the “Cortege” project. The seventh Moscow auto show began its work with press and business days on August 29 a

Source: Luxury and Style: 2018 Moscow International Auto Show

I am a guy and like new shiny, fast, big engines, lots of horsepower, cars!

Oops, they forgot the horsepower! But pretty cool though…

Would love to go and look around…


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