Beautiful Rainy Day!

The thunder is Crashing and the Lightning is Flashing. Boza our dog is hiding under the bed. I am enjoying the cool air and the refreshing of the ozone. The air smells wonderful and fresh.

The weather in Moscow is identical to the weather that I grew up with. It brings back many memories. Memories that were from a good childhood, My family was poor but I had all I could eat and never bored. I grew up on a farm most of my life. I can remember seeing the rain clouds rolling in, fast. At the last moment I would run for the barn and jump in the hay and play while the thunder rolled. Sometimes we had to go to the storm shelter or cellar and hide when tornadoes would be present.

Life is good, my Grand Ma always said: “Just look for the cloud with the silver lining! Every thunder storm has one of those clouds!”

The sun just came out while it was raining: A rainbow just appeared! My Grand Ma is smiling, for that would be the silver lining, as she would say!!


kKEETON @ Windows to Russia…

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