Belogorsky St. Nicholas Orthodox Monastery… (4)

Belogorsky St. Nicholas Orthodox Missionary Monastery Cathedral

Another beautiful monastery in Russia. The Belogorsky St. Nicholas Orthodox Missionary Monastery Cathedral or Belaya Gora (White Mountain) Monastery is the biggest cathedral in the Urals, situated 120 km from Perm and 80 km from Kungur.

It was started to be built in 1902 and it was officially done in June of 1917. Four hundred (400) monks lived at the monastery in 1917. Now as per normal during the Russian revolution: The monastery was attacked by the Red Army in October 1917. Many monks including the Abbot died and the ones that lived were deported. The monastery was turned into a mental ward. The bells and art work destroyed as per normal for the era…

After many years of being run down and neglected a dedicated group of eight monks started to rehab the building, and it has been undergoing restoration ever since 1993. It is a beautiful work of art and lets hope it stays preserved from now on…

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