Big Village, coffee and another rainy day…

By | September 17, 2016

Boza and I were walking at 5 a.m. and met a few guys staying at the Tiny Russian Village, to go duck hunting. One of them was a veterinarian. He was looking at Boza as we all talked and then said, “He is blind!”

I told him, “Yes!”

Then he did a few things as Boza stood there quietly and he told me that as soon as I get to Moscow, have him checked, but not much will help. The They can help any discomfort, but it looks as though he is not in trouble at that area. He petted Boza and his head and told me, “Your friend?”

I said yes and he scratched Boza behind the ears. Then said, Good friend!

I walked home and thought about Russian guys and have 90% of the time found them very intelligent and observant. This group was the same and they were on their way to their favorite hunting spot. They had their sons with them and they were all professionals in businesses. I meet many good people out here in the middle of nowhere and it is interesting. While I have never met them before, they knew who I am and were really happy to meet the American finally. It looks as if the Tiny Russian Village grapevine has expanded and included all family members of the villagers…

* * * * * * * * * *

Coffee-iconThus a cup of coffee, which is Oh So Good and here pretty quick I have to go to the Big Village. Boza and I have walked three times already and I will leave at around 7 a.m. Boza is already sleeping again and in 20 minutes I will leave. I hear the boom of the shot guns these guys have and they have some very nice double barrels, by the way. Most use 12 gauge or about 70mm and one even had a 10 gauge. The double barrels that Russians use are extremely high quality and many are British made… And yes there is lots of guns in Russia, just not handguns and unnecessary type weapons. But they have some fine double rifles and shotguns. Don’t kid yourself what a shotgun can do with slugs, or some of these double rifles with solid jacket bullets. When they hunt wild boars, they are using some heavy powered weapons…

* * * * * * * * * *

Svetochka comes on Wednesday (Happy Bear!), the engine is pulled from the other Volga (Happier Bear yet!), Have to pull the money donated for the engine being done this morning (Happy again!) and this next weekend I have to go back to Moscow. (Grumble and rumble Bear!)

Time to get Boza to the doctor, me to the doctor, my cracked tooth done and leave Russia for a few weeks. This all has to be done in a month and then I need to get back before winter sets in and snows the Tiny Russian Village under!

* * * * * * * * * *

Well, time to go! Got lots to do when I get back and I want to get to town before it wakes up. Just too busy for me when all the Big Villagers get up and going…

Have a nice day…


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