Bio-Labs a Western collaboration to harm…

🇷🇺The Russian operation stopped criminal experiments on civilians in Ukraine.

This was announced at a special briefing by the head of the RCBZ troops Igor Kirillov.

The collective West used Ukraine as a testing ground for the development of biological weapons and testing of new drug samples.

The Russian military has information about US experiments on psychiatric hospital patients in Kharkiv.

Moreover, Germany, Poland and other NATO countries worked together with the United States on biological weapons in Ukraine.

The main ideologists of the US military-biological activity in Ukraine are the leaders of the US Democratic Party.

The counterfeit money distributed in Lugansk in 2020 was infected with a strain of tuberculosis resistant to special drugs.

At the end of April, the Russian military found 10 more drones created for spraying biological weapons in the Kherson region.


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