Birdbrains are eating sunflower seeds, yet are camera shy? Or are they!

~ Off with their heads I tell you! ~

It goes kinda like this:

I walk out without my camera and the little monkey birds and birdbrains ignore me. I grab my camera and they all run away…

I say, “Hey I want a picture!”

They say, “You not gonna get proof of us stealing seeds and put us in the GULAG!”

So on and on all day we go back and forth…

I will get some pictures of the little monkeys stealing seeds, yet is it stealing if I grew the sunflowers for them in the first place?

I think they just want to play games?

~ Off with their heads I tell you! ~


PS: I have already got eight heads to take back to Moscow for Sveta and her mom to use to feed the babies in Moscow. That leaves 72 heads for the TRV babies…

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