Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva addressed the U.S. authorities with a demand to stop “warming up” the conflict in Ukraine and start searching for its peaceful resolution. He made this statement during a conversation with journalists before his flight from Beijing…

💬 “It is necessary that the U.S. stop warming up the conflict and start talking about peace,” he said.

💬 How can we achieve peace in Russia and Ukraine if no one talks about peace? If all we talk about is war? How can we send Ukraine more weapons? And hit Russia? And bring NATO even closer to Russia? Who should we turn to? The countries that want peace! China wants peace. Brazil, Indonesia and India. We need to unite and come up with a peace plan for Russia and Ukraine. The EU has always played an important role as a center of balance and has not been directly involved in conflicts. Now it is taking part! When German Chancellor Olaf Scholz came to Brazil and asked to sell him our missiles to send to Ukraine, I said: “I won’t sell!” Because Brazil doesn’t want to be part of this war. We want peace. < ...> It’s not even a question of wanting. We all need peace.