Even in China, Russia is in control….mind control…

Again and again; Russia did it! (It is like a Twilight Zone…)

U.S. officials suspect Russia in mystery ‘attacks’ on diplomats in Cuba, China

WASHINGTON — Intelligence agencies investigating mysterious “attacks” that led to brain injuries in U.S. personnel in Cuba and China consider Russia to be the main suspect, three U.S. officials and two others briefed on the investigation tell NBC News.The suspicion that Russia is likely behind the alleged attacks is backed up by evidence from communications intercepts, known in the spy world as signals intelligence, amassed during a lengthy and ongoing investigation involving the FBI, the CIA and other U.

Source: U.S. officials suspect Russia in mystery ‘attacks’ on diplomats in Cuba, China

This is getting out of hand in the western press (MSM)….some very sick puppies are in charge of the wrong things in America and lapdog land…


Skripal and a Putin Quote… 9.12.2018

Hey, yo! What’s up, yo?

Russian President Vladimir Putin has asked the two guys who allegedly tried to kill the invincible Skripal’s…

“We know who they are, we have found them,” Putin told the plenary session of the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) in Vladivostok.

The Russian president noted that the “suspects” were civilians. “I hope that they will show up and tell everything themselves. There is nothing particularly criminal there, I assure you,” he said. Putin also urged the two individuals to talk to media.


Tidbit: Yo! (meaning) What the hell do you think you are doing?