Catching up on MoD Reports Feb. 9th to Feb. 13th, 2023…

13.02.2023 (06:30) Ka-52 attack helicopter crews launch strike against AFU strongpoints The airpower operation has resulted in the destruction of enemy’s command post, and armoured hardware.
13.02.2023 (06:00) CMD units advance several kilometres towards AFU layered defence The troops of the Central Military District continue their combat action within the special military operation.
12.02.2023 (09:30) Crew of Grad Sviyazhsk small missile ship is to go to sea to conduct live-fire exercises The crew will practise the elements of guarding and defending the ship while anchored in an unprotected roadstead, as well as demonstrating their ability to be on round-the-clock combat watch.
12.02.2023 (09:00) SMD counter-sniper training in North Ossetia The training of snipers focused on the use of modern night observation and aiming devices, as well as on firing at different distances.
12.02.2023 (05:05) Airborne assault units’ training in rear area of special military operation The daily exercises on the training ground take place in conditions as close to combat as possible.
11.02.2023 (10:30) Snipers from WMD combined-arms army’s motorised rifle formation reach army stage of Sniper Frontier 2023 competition The teams have shown their skills in operating the Makarov pistols, and SVD sniper rifles.
11.02.2023 (07:45) Airborne Troops’ artillery and assault units operate against AFU strongpoint Using unmanned aerial vehicles, reconnaissance units detected an AFU unit heading to a forestry plantation for deploying a strongpoint and ordnance depot.
11.02.2023 (06:00) CMD repair units restore damaged armament and hardware involved in special military operation The hardware is evacuated by personnel of repair units.
11.02.2023 (05:00) WMD D-20 howitzer crews destroy AFU artillery and fortified positions within special military operation The crews are reinforced by personnel, conscripted within the partial mobilisation, who have passed the entire practical and unit cohesion courses at the training grounds of the Western Military District.
10.02.2023 (16:40) Russian and Armenian defence ministers hold telephone talks General of the Army Sergei Shoigu and Suren Papikyan have discussed the state of regional security, and relevant issues on Russian—Armenian military and military-technical cooperation.
10.02.2023 (12:00) EMD Uragan MLRS destroy enemy military facilities and hardware within special military operation Supported by the Uragan MLRS, Russian assault units advance in Zaporozhye direction.
10.02.2023 (11:15) Russian Military Transport Aviation delivers over 20 tonnes of humanitarian shipment for victims of earthquake in Syria Russia has sent over 4.5 tonnes of groceries (canned food, flour, noodles, sunflower oil, tea, coffee, soups), and blankets.
10.02.2023 (09:45) Frigate ‘Admiral Gorshkov’ practises artillery firing in Atlantic Ocean The command post has practised providing target designation for further artillery strikes, launched from the frigate’s on-board armament.
10.02.2023 (07:00) Russian Armed Forces prevent landing of AFU personnel to left bank of Dnepr in Kherson region To prevent the approach, the Russian units conduct regular disturbing fire against the opposite river bank.
10.02.2023 (06:30) Russian Aerospace Forces’ Su-35S crew destroys AFU airplane Pilots of Russian fighters patrolled an assigned area, and supported the action of bomber and ground-attack airplanes.
10.02.2023 (05:30) CMD Vasilyok mortar crews continue eliminating enemy within special military operation Single mortar of this kind is capable of eliminating the enemy within an area of up to 600 metres.
10.02.2023 (05:00) WMD assault units attend their training course in rear area of special military operation Personnel practise real combat scenarios.
09.02.2023 (16:00) Baltic Fleet’s pilots practise throwing bombs in Kaliningrad region Bombs were launched from altitudes between 300 metres and 2 kilometres.
09.02.2023 (13:00) Arctic motorised riflemen improve their skills in operating tank-mounted armament at polar training grounds The training course, dedicated to driving fighting vehicles, tactics, and shooting, is conducted by experienced officers who have been involved in the special military operation.
09.02.2023 (10:15) Main Testing Space Centre named after G.Titov launch Progress MS-22 cargo spacecraft from Baikonur The Soyuz 2.1a launch carrier and Progress MS-22 spacecraft were being tracked by ground-based measuring facilities during the launch and orbital flight towards the International Space Station.