China now points to War From Israel and USA at Iran…

U.S. Joint Chiefs Chairman Dempsey 20 hurried visit to Israel, “The U.S. to discuss Iran’s attitude!,” The suspected Iran, suddenly heating, The United States, “Lincoln” aircraft arrived in the Arabian Sea, and “The Carl Vinson” aircraft carrier sits with the Middle East. The United States, “Connection” magazine on the 19th and exclusive disclosed that a U.S. special forces are near the Iranian activities illegally, while the U.S. official action of the task force is secrecy. Iran is the outbreak of the world war and will affect all nerves, and some international media is now being speculated about, “war time.”

I say, “Why we stupid!” Here is a, “What is wrong!”

“In the Gulf, the United States has never expressed before that there is a secret weapon: a new special forces.” United States “Connection” magazine printed on the 19th, exclusively revealed that, from the U.S. Special Operations Command, confirmed, a new elite special Teams currently in the area. Specific information about Zhezhi little group. It is established from the third naval commandos, but the name of the “joint” on behalf of members of the force from the Army, Air Force and Marine Corps. Team officials to ensure safety and mission success on the grounds, did not disclose the action group’s mandate, the leadership or headquarters. Reported that the current tensions with Iran on the occasion, it adds to the United States a military option.

“The noose is tightening on the neck.” India “Deccan Herald” described the moment in Iran.

London-based pan-Arab media, “Al-Hayat” that “countdown to war has begun.” Israeli “Haaretz” on the 20th that Western analysts believe that, due to the winter clouds over Iran’s nuclear facilities would impact its effective bombing, so at least until the bombing of Iran in March with the weather conditions. Russian newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” that some experts believe that Iran may be the end of the war began, because the EU has recently decided to plan the implementation of the oil embargo against Iran. Russia’s “Eve” website said, that during the U.S. presidential election. US is reluctant to wage war, therefore, most likely the end of March the U.S. war in early April.

You should channel your thoughts and understand wisdom before explosions happen!

by Paul Wen from China!

The views of the above author are not strictly the views of Windows to Russia. They are an independent view from an outside source and country that brings a better light on the would in general and Windows to Russia is pleased to have Paul Wen’s thoughts on its pages today…

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