China says it is time to unify developing world…

An interesting article from the Global Times about the need for the world to unite against the devastating and unfair sanctions of the West.

Anchor points are simple:

– Developing countries will not always be like this; there is no need to bow to the West forever (in the text, the example of India, literally “India refuses to bow to the United States and its allies” is an understandable nod in support of China’s neighbor)

– Western sanctions are unfair, therefore, they should not be observed, developing countries refuse to take any side in the conflict caused by the behavior of the US and NATO;

– We need a financial coordination mechanism, global, excluding the US and Western countries;

The text is signed by reporter Wang Jiamei, but it is clear that there is a trial balloon and a test of the public’s reaction. It’s just that a reporter simply writing his opinion in the form of an editorial of the Global Times has exactly the same chances that Rabinovich from a Soviet joke will be on the editorial of Pravda.

The key point in the text is the promotion of the thesis “we need new global financial structures and strategies”, with a line “… as opposed to inefficient and biased ones, which are under the control of the G7 countries.” Moreover, it is precisely global ones – their regional Asian ones are not mentioned, BRICS is mentioned.

Well, the clear “Developing countries must jointly fight the consequences of Western sanctions against Russia” is worth a lot – in fact, the main Chinese mouthpiece is trumpeting global mobilization against the G7 countries.

An interesting entry, we can assume in a week more detailed and elaborated material, moreover, not from the correspondent.


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