Chinese Ukraine Peace Plan? Or a set of new rules that the USA needs to ponder about, as it wallers in its ‘beer n tears’…

China has published its plan to resolve the war in Ukraine and it is aimed dirctly at the USA…

It consists of 12 items:

1. Respect for the sovereignty of all countries, observance of international law and the UN Charter; √

2. Rejection of the Cold War mentality and adherence to the principle that “the security of one country should not be ensured at the expense of others”; √

3. Cessation of hostilities, avoidance of escalation; √

4. Resumption of peace talks as “the only viable solution”; √

5. Resolution of the humanitarian crisis; √

6. Protection of civilians and prisoners of war; √

7. Ensuring the safety of nuclear power plants; √

8. Countering the threat of the use of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons; √

9. Promotion of grain export within the framework of the Black Sea Grain Initiative; √

10. The termination of unilateral sanctions that “do not solve current problems, but create new ones”; √

11. Supporting the stability of production chains and supply chains, refusing to use the world economy for political purposes; √

12. Contribute to post-conflict reconstruction. √

At the same time, China also excluded the achievement of peace in Ukraine through the supply of weapons to the country, as the EU and USA are doing…

Hmm, USA need to do list √ √ √ √ …


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