Chronological Tracking of the Metro Bombers in Russia!

The two women’s upper bodies are very intact due to the fact that the bombs were around their waist. They say that Security knew! They say lots of things! But if you have ever traveled the Moscow Metro and seen 7 + million people everyday, day in and day out, you would understand that stopping someone who would want to bomb the Metro would be very very hard to do…

Machine Translated but you will get the gist:
Yesterday identikit pictures of terrorists and their mentors were distributed to all militia attire in Moscow and Moscow region. Also, pictures of suicide bombers sent to the North Caucasus – Chechnya, Ingushetia and neighboring regions. Personalities suicide bombers hoped to install yesterday. Papers with them was not, but there are other, equally important clues. But to expose the terrorist underworld itself will be harder. However, as it became known “MK”, investigators have tested several versions.

The technology of the attack almost opened. However, with the caveat: it is unclear exactly what the scheme used by criminals. The first thread – a ticket for one trip, bought one of the suicide bombers in the subway station “South West” is just a half hour before the explosion on “Lubyanka.” Otsmotrev literally every inch of video surveillance cameras on the “South-West” and in the car was blown up by “Red Arrows”, the opera came to a conclusion: suicide bomber sat on the train there. And it was accompanied by two women and a man whose image is also captured a video camera.

Therefore the whole Monday night detectives were checking-out of the station “South West” and the adjacent area. Here – a major interchange node, here come the same number of coaches. Finally, just come here almost everyone who flew in from the southern regions to the airport “Vnukovo”. Checks the version that the suicide bomber decided to blow up Moscow, “one day”. The associates met them at the airport, able to take the car to the nearest metro station, the road gave the explosives and “blessed” to attack. A similar scheme was used by terrorists in August 2004, when two planes were blown up. Only then the suicide bomber, by contrast, flew from Moscow. True, this version is the weakest link: in “Vnukovo” so early, no flight has landed.

By the way, yesterday at the station “South West”, which allegedly went into the subway bombers, special gain was not appreciably. At the entrances to the station stood silent woman in police uniform with a metal detector in hand. Guarded one of the entrances to the Interior Ministry colonel and a captain expressed confidence that the suicide bomber went down in the subway than on their station.

But where?

For this there is a version number two – suicide arrived in the capital for intercity buses. But not on “South West”, and to the stadium “Luzhniki”, where the market is very easy to get lost among his own kind. And the starting point for at least one suicide bomber was the closest to the collapse luzhnikovskomu station “Sparrow Hills”. Perhaps that is why it happened a certain lack of coordination in the actions of two suicide bombers. According to eyewitnesses, terrorist number 2 is very nervous when the train kept stopping on the track (the line has been virtually paralyzed by the explosion at the “Lubyanka”). Apparently, criminals somewhere outwitted themselves and violated the timing.

In any case, the fact that the two explosions occurred on the Red Line subway, is not accidental: the detectives realize that this is the main geo-referencing. Either the suicide arrived at Vnukovo, or arrived in the south-western region by bus or rented an apartment or house in areas where it’s best to get it to the station Sokolniki subway line. Perhaps it is about private ownership in the west suburbs. Incidentally, we recall that the terrorist, blew himself at a rock festival “Wings” in the summer of 2003 and the failed bomber Muzhahoeva (it cleared and then sent to the colony for 20 years) two days spent in hiding – in the usual rustic house in Tolstopaltseve.

In connection with this person suddenly pops up a native of Dagestan Kartakaeva Jacob, who was detained in mid-March in Moscow. Remember this? Jacob stopped by a patrol ATS Kuntsevo. Harmless, in general, the procedure, but Kartakaev in response to routine requests pulled his pistol and shot the policemen. Later he was caught in a village near Moscow, with friends. Even then source “MK” noted: Kartakaev not as simple as it seems. Countrymen Jacob confirmed that the young man was a staunch Wahhabi, he even seized extremist literature. Moreover, other reports suggest that Kartakaev could be misdirected in Moscow to prepare the attacks. In this case, it is understandable why he responded to a simple check of documents. The maximum that would have been a guest of the capital, if he was taken to the department – Article of the Criminal Code for possession of weapons. In addition, the mysterious “BMW”, the driver of which offered to help guards deal with the detainees, there could be no accident. It is possible that for Kartakaevym already being followed precisely those same passengers foreign cars. That is why information about the involvement of the driver “behi” the killing of policemen was quickly refuted by the official representatives of the militia. According to some reports, several hours after the events in Polotsk street chauffeur “BMW” himself to the investigators and informed about their role during the emergency. According to some reports, a man who was driving a foreign car, a police officer. According to the official version, the driver asked the guards, not whether you need to help them. Weird question: the usual, standard situation – two policemen inspect the documents of guest workers. And as soon as the shooting started, “assistant” immediately Srul …

Officially, the Investigations Committee at the Prosecutor’s Office in Moscow version of Kartakaeva involvement in terror attacks “MK” is not confirmed. But we know something else: that the bombings will be, the enforcement agencies know about it!

According to unofficial information, shifrogramma the prospect of a series of terrorist attacks in Moscow distributed to leadership of the police department in the early 20-th of March. And it was precisely about the explosions in the underground with the use of extremist suicide bombers. And all last week in the capital to actively check of non-Russians, a little similar to the bombers. That is, apparently, clear from opers will not. But just in case the guards were preparing the order. And in one of the hospitals, according to unofficial data, the eve of the blasts were prepared place for a possible influx of victims.

Was it possible to prevent attacks? Probably … and staff 1 st Department of Internal Affairs on the subway, on duty the morning of 29 March at the red branch, and employees LOVD airport “Vnukovo” (as if the version with the arrivals of terrorists is confirmed) could check the documents of suicide. Could, but did not. Or overlooked in the crowd. Or even looked at the passport, but did not notice anything suspicious – as it was with the employee LOVD airport “Domodedovo”, missed the suicide bomber boarded the plane in the summer of 2004. So, most likely, in these units can expect layoffs. Or even criminal cases. The only pity is that the problem will not solve the terrorist

attacks.’s Most Wanted!

“According to some reports, the investigators already know the name of suicide number 2 with the station” Park Kultury “. By the way, she dyed her hair: natural hair color – dark brown, but she repainted them black. She was dressed in a black bolonevuyu jacket, shirt and bra, pants, socks and boots. No makeup, no earrings, no false teeth there. The feet – scalp. To look at her age 18, height 165 cm, presumably a native of Dagestan.

Signs of accompanying persons: male 25-30 years old, 180 cm, dense physique. On the head, dark baseball cap. Dressed in a blue jacket with white inserts. One of the women look 40 years old, of medium height, normal physique. A round face, head scarf-band. Dressed in a purple jacket with white buttons, gray coat. The second type of 25 years. It is of medium height and strong build. Face too round, the head bandage. Dressed in a gray coat.

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