Classic Putin Quotes…

“Strengthening our country and looking at what is happening in the world, in other countries, I want to say to those who are still waiting for the gradual demise of Russia: in this case, we are only worried about one thing — how not to catch a cold at your funeral”  –  Putin said.

“Russia has called on other nations at the UN to lift all economic [sanctions], at least temporarily, on humanitarian grounds. I am not talking about the sanctions on Russia — I don’t care, we will survive, — but there are many other countries that have struggled and are still struggling from the coronavirus infections and they do not even need external assistance, but simply lifting of those restrictions, at least in the humanitarian sphere, on medical supplies, loans, equipment and technology transfer. Those are purely humanitarian issues, are not they? But no restrictions have been lifted for reasons that have nothing to do with humanitarian issues”, Putin said.

Valdai Discussion Club meeting held Oct. 20 to 22nd, 2020…


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